We have been able, for over nearly fifteen years of simultaneously specialized and diversified media work, to provide a clear information vision, realizing the anticipated turnout with regard to both media work and specialist and general media production which has targeted all segments of society. Thanks to God first, and to the efforts, the expertise, the skills, the capabilities of the qualified human cadres afterwards, a set of achievements have been attained, exemplified in the implementation of many media exploits at awareness, educational and developmental levels, such as the project of “ Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Campaign for Social Welfare and Rehabilitative Health Education “, the project of “Human Development Campaign for Social Care and Health and Rehabilitation Education”, the project of “ Specialist Development Encyclopedias”, the projects of “Subsequent Monthly Publications”, and the projects of “ support, development, marketing, information arrangement and technical support”.
Starting off from the principle of professionalism that is based on the fundamentals of specialization, experience and engagement in different advisory areas, on top of which comes the awareness area, the Scientist for Press has been involved for more than twenty years in awareness-raising and informative activities, as well as in administering and carrying out information and advertising campaigns for institutions dealing with development, promotion and the added value strategies – relying on specialized professionalism, expertise, and international contributions. The fruit of professionalism in awareness and information, the Scientist for Press has come in response to the needs of specialized information in this area, and in order to provide support to institutions involved in providing awareness and educational programs and conducting specialized campaigns within this framework.