darMedical and Rehabilitation Consultancy House (MRCH)
The MRCH is an exclusive, leading and specialist institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is concerned with the provision of both services and consultancy in medical and rehabilitation programs for the sick, the disabled, the infirm and the aged…
Surrounded, moreover, by a team of qualified experts, such as therapists, doctors, rehabilitation engineering specialists and technical support staff, the MRCH is also associated with global institutions operating in the same area.



etcWorld Center for Education and Training Consultancy
It’s a specialist center established to provide programs, services, tips and studies for individuals and parties dealing with development and awareness-raising through offering specialist advice and studies in various areas and through introducing development programs in harmony with international standards and practices in terms of the quality of their application.



sctaThe Scientist Center for Translation and Arabization
Representing the fruit of continuous efforts and a meeting place for the world’s expert translators, it offers functional and professional translation services, and provides consultancy services in the area through [displaying] translation techniques from and into Arabic in legal, scientific, instructional, educational, academic, financial, cultural and specialized fields. The Center boasts a distinguished team of professional translators and linguists who work in close cooperation and harmony with international translation agencies.