Professionalism and Accomplishments

• Implementation of the Joint Center’s awareness and educational campaign which focuses on awareness, care and rehabilitation, and the prevention of various disabilities and their causes.
• Implementation of Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz Campaign for Social Welfare and Rehabilitative Health Education (CSWRHE)
• Adoption of the first specialist information project on awareness in the Middle East since 1990 through (The World), an exhaustive awareness-raising magazine; the (Arab Health), a magazine about family, health, awareness and education; and the (Disability World), an awareness and humanitarian magazine concerned with the protection of civilization.
• Carrying out the campaign publicizing the leading scientific achievements to do with the propagation of… and the promotion of (our) international patents to provide local sophisticated development solutions to current realistic problems.
• Implementation of the comprehensive media coverage of the National Project for Disability Research and Rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia, which laid the foundations for strategies, results and proposals.
• The expertise of the Scientist for Press has supervised the issuance of more than (150) research documents and specialized works of reference in all the scientific, awareness and educational fields.
• Implementation of the specialist media coverage of local, Arab and international conferences and seminars in New Zealand, Malaysia, Germany, the United States, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Singapore, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Finland, India, Syria, Jordan, Yemen , Qatar, Lebanon, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia … and others.
• Implementation of specialist promotional information campaigns about the activities of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia «ESCWA – United Nations».
• Launching campaigns and information programs covering the areas of awareness and education in the Republic of Yemen.