Why do we exist

The Scientist for Press adopts the policies of specialization and professionalism in conducting the totality of its projects, chiefly its key specialization in carrying out specialist awareness, educational and developmental campaigns, along with the provision of managerial competencies and development expertise in order to arrange and supervise the campaigns,
because we …
• have the specialized expertise through our local regional and global partnerships.
• comprehend the basics of introducing and advertising the programs and activities of campaigns, thanks to our specialist team.
• have the authority to participate in all international events regarding the specialized information programs.
• have carried out campaigns that have achieved success stories at national, Arab and international levels.
• have a system of flexible programs commensurate with all the campaign strategies of different specializations.
• have the required artistic and technical equipment, tools and supplies for furnishing materials for the advertising and information campaigns.
• have regular publications dedicated to the activities of the conducted campaigns and distributed globally.
• have high quality technical and management teams making use of the latest methods, techniques and tools for the purpose of conducting and overseeing the design and implementation of different forms of information and advertising campaigns for institutions and organizations working in different sectors.
• have search teams, along with other groups for conducting specialized research and studies and providing their media coverage to serve projects campaigns.
• convey our experience to our partners and customers through training, development and follow-up.
• our information expertise and professionalism entitle us to manage campaigns at media and executive levels.
• our executive partners are specialist institutions owned by the group to which belongs the Scientist for Press, which is why the values of commitment and responsibility are our distinctive features.